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A Story of War and Peace

The Buzzards of Zinn by George Miller



“The traveller and narrator in this book is Jason but, unlike the Greek character who sought the Golden Fleece, he would normally steer clear of trouble.
Jason becomes embroiled in a battle of wits as to how to defeat the fascist Zinnian regime whilst, as a pacifist, to persuade the oppressed to use non-violent direct action to do so.
'The Buzzards of Zinn' is no flight of fancy, if you will pardon the pun, it is a gripping tale of events that reflect mankind's often brutal and misguided thinking. There are no dragons and ogres - the monsters are all human.
This is George Miller's first novel and one that I would thoroughly recommend as an exciting adventure story and a compelling good read.” 

“George Miller’s book is a very good yarn and a half. The writer has been very ambitious in his first novel and, by Jove, he has pulled it off. Epic stuff, reminding you of Tolkein and John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. You feel the writer has put his heart and soul into the big theme of war and peace and how the world can and can’t survive. It is serious stuff but handled in a very clear style of writing that carries you along, and is as filmic as a Harry Potter film.”  (Mavis Nicholson)

Buzzards of Zinn by George Miller


“Just to let you know that the postman delivered your manuscript about 30 minutes ago. I’ve read the first chapter and I’m hooked! Can’t wait to find out what is going on.”

“I’m about two thirds through now. Great plot – great narrative drive. I’m really enjoying it and think it will appeal to groups of all ages.”

“I’m bound to have missed typos in your transcript – particularly because I was too busy enjoying the story.”

“The book was really thrilling – my type of thing as I love this type of adventure story but it has a serious undertone of good/evil and a strong moral line. It will make a good children’s book and a great film.”

“I would think your depiction of the buzzard children is more imaginative and more redolent of hope than the Slumdog Millionaire treatment. You must contact Stephen Spielberg right away! I would like a chance to read the book again, but it will have to be in a proper published state – surely.”

“Another excellent chapter. I have never read anything quite like it, so poetical, brilliant outlook on nature.”

“Whatever made you think of buzzard children and Zinnians? A strange science fiction if ever there was one.”

“Thus far like striving through a labyrinth of dark tunnels; like going through life and back again. And although having nothing to hold onto at times, apart from the naked truth, it nevertheless could be seen as a spiritual journey of enlightenment.”

“You have pulled off such a wonderful ending to a marvellous story. No one writes like that, or rather like you do. Amazing two last chapters. So poetical. Would never have dreamt it up that way myself. I read it through without a break... the coffee had to wait.”

“I really enjoyed it – it would make a wonderful film.”