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This page is about writing and publishing.


Whether you are looking to be published or self-published you may find some useful tips and links here that will hopefully save you a lot of time and money. Before contacting any agent it's always best to read carefully what they are looking for and type of writers they represent. This will save you and them time. Most agents will accept query email before considering your submission. Take care to read and follow submission guide lines before submitting your writing, else you will give impression you cannot be bothered, and they will not be either. 

When looking for publishers or agents The Writers' and Artists' YearBook is good place to start. You can buy the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook at most high street book shops or shop on line: it's a great source of information.

Finished writing your book?

Many writers spend months even years writing their book, but take it no further, they give up too easily but a lot can be learned from trying to advertise it.


Concerning copy right, if you have your copy (whether saved on computer or manuscript) showing what you have written and date; that is your copyright.


Maybe you have already tried every UK publish or agent going. But there is still hope. They say never pay to get published. This is better known as Vanity Publishing and there is a lot to be said for it. So why not do it all yourself.  Self publishing is easy. You can also get help from Nielsen book Data concerning ISBN and whole range of other things. You will need ISBN if you want a bar code.  Printers can usually help you with bar code. It doesn’t have to be costly to have your book put into print professionally. Printers are now seeing a market for writers who would like a short run printed of their book. It's best to only have about 50 copies of your book printed to begin with, because if for some reason you cannot sell this amount, you will not sell 100 copies. 

Publishers usually want you to write your book in certain format. But if you are considering self-publishing and getting your book printed, it is best to set your book up the way you want to see it in print. For example; if it is a novel. You might choose A5 and margins set at 2 cm, be good to down load pdf converter. So once you have written your book in Word you can change it at click of mouse to pdf. This makes it much easy and quicker to send by email to a printers. 
 Click on below link to find out more about printing your book.


Nielsen Book Data