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 I read Kate's book back in 2011. It is impossible to understand what they are going through they made a mistake that will most likely haunt them for rest of their lives. They were led to believe the hotel was safe, and were not informed that there had been break-ins. I feel the general public are far too harsh on this family as though they have not suffered enough already. Goncalo Amaral has targeted them from the start but just type into Google and you will read of his horrendous behavior torturing women into confessing crimes they didn't commit. He is not a nice man to say the least. Why was he not included in the lineup when he fits the description perfectly of a man seen prowling outside Madeleine's hotel room before she was taken. If anyone should have been a suspect it should have been him. Although there are not many of his pictures found in Google Images, those that are still available should have been noted from the time the little girl went missing. He even wore identical spectacles to David Payne. They look so alike that you might think them related; though David Payne was cleared of any possible involvement. Goncalo Amaral, however is a cruel man at heart most likely cannot sleep at night unless he upsets enough people during the day time. He has perused, harassed and slandered Mr. & Mrs. McCann mercilessly and also made great deal of money from this by writing his book. Just goes to show what a creep he truly is to make money from another's misfortune. It's not only the Americans that are taken in by him but the British also but not everyone is fooled by his evil lies. I hope he ends up behind bars for his wicked crimes against humanity where he belongs.