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Rossetti by Steve Phillips

Rossetti is a young charismatic artist who falls in love with his model Lizzie Siddal, she agrees to sit for him exclusively. But he has many admirers that sour their relations. And he is not the only Pre-Raphaelite that has difficulty with his relationships. Millais falls in love with art critic John Ruskin’s wife. And Hunt gets engaged to Annie Miller, but Annie finds that he is no longer happy with her as he used to be. And if that is not enough, to make matters worse, Hunt and Millais decide to go to work in Palestine, but they have not invited their good friend Rossetti along with them. Rossetti goes to visit Hunt only to find he has already left for the east. Annie invites him in and they share their troubles with one another. But Lizzie cannot take anymore of her lover's nonsense, she goes where she pleases and does whatever she likes.

So, Rossetti finished! A very touching conclusion, I feel as though a group of friends I’d got to know well have suddenly packed up and emigrated to the Far East. All those interwoven lives and fortunes, ending as it began with Christina, and famous people presented in their day to day affairs. I haven’t read a book quite like it.                                                  George Miller

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My Grandfather with actor Patrick McGoohan and actress Sarah Lawson at Llanrhaeadr Waterfall 1960. Patrick McGoohan played John Drake in his Danger man series. This episode was called Time to Kill.  The Waterfall clip is about 20 in.

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Granddad with Patrick McGoohan and Sarah Lawson